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Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner
Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner 376.00TL 752.00TL
Clean the deepest and narrowest gap at ease. Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner cleans gaps easier and quicker with the flat design, it can reach the narrowest gap and attract dust and hair firmly, while cutting down your dusting time. Easy to clean areas that are hard to reach, drive away dust with no effort at all. Widely use for unreachable gaps between wooden cabinets, sofas, bookcases, washing machines, and window blinds. Main Features GOOD QUALITY Dusters with handles are strong, microfiber dusters will not lose hair and can be used for many years! Additional pick-up capability for more efficient cleaning with extreme adsorption. CLEAN LARGE SURFACES QUICKLY AND EASILY The microfiber feather technology uses millions of tiny fibers to quickly trap dust, lint, breadcrumbs, hair and dirt so you can clean effortlessly without using harmful chemicals! VERSATILE Microfiber, soft and does not hurt the paint surface, these practical scrub brushes are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, and garages. They can also be used to clean floors, showers, tiles, toilets, carpets, upholstery, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, and stovetops. EASY TO CLEAN You can clean the extendable duster removal by water directly, then wring it up and make the fiber brush to be natural fluffy; you can apply it repeatedly! FREE BENDING AND REMOVABLE The handle is Removable and the microfiber area also can be bent, convenient for you to clean different places! Hanging hole design for the easy storage to air dry. Materials: PP, Aluminum pole, Microfiber towel cloth Package Contents: Retractable Gap Dust Cleaner × 1
LED Motion Sensor Closet Light LED Motion Sensor Closet Light
LED Motion Sensor Closet Light from 564.00TL 1,127.00TL
Motion Sensor Closet Lights, Cordless Under Cabinet Lightening, Wireless Stick-on Anywhere 80/120/160 LEDs Night Light Bar, Safe Lights for Closet Cabinet Wardrobe Stairs. Three Levels of Brightness Dimmable: With 160 LEDs in total, much brighter than others. Three levels of brightness available, meet all your needs. Three Color LED Light: Color of light can be adjusted, White Light, Warm Light, Mix Light. Select the appropriate color temperature. USB Rechargeable: Using the rechargeable design easily charged android USB cable. Longer LED Life: LED Life expectancy of more than 80,000 hours. Motion Sensor & Night Sensor: Come with motion sensor and improved light sensitivity based on light sensor technology. Stick on Anywhere: Using the magnetic back design, can stick on any iron product. For non-iron place we provide 3M magnetic adhesive. Wide Applications: Ideal for cabinets, closets, workbench, basements, stairwells, indoor garages and so on. Package includes: 1x LED Motion Sensor Closet Light 1x USB Cable 1x Magnet Sticker 1x User Manual
-50% sale
Portable Retro Camping Lamp Portable Retro Camping Lamp
Portable Retro Camping Lamp 940.00TL 1,879.00TL
Retro Chandelier Design The shape adopts retro lampshade design, retro and individual, not only a lamp but also a work of art. It can also be used as decorations for living room, study room, bedroom, etc. Soft 360° Illumination Offers a more diffuse glow and lights up every square foot of area surrounding it for up to 20 feet in all directions. Bright but not blinding light, easier on the eyes without dazzling. Quality Materials Retro LED camping light, made of waterproof material + metal lampshade. Can be used in the rain. It is also impact and slip resistant. They are very durable. Magnetic Hook and Base For stable and fixed lighting, fasten the strong magnetic base to any wall or magnetic surface. Create overhead lighting by easily hanging folding hooks on tool boxes, car hoods, metal frames, and more. USB charging It can be quickly charged using the type-c interface, and the built-in battery is 5000mAh, which is convenient and quick to use. Real-time display of power, timely charging. Specifications: Material: Acrylic, Wrought iron, LED energy-saving lamp beads Size: 9.6*16.6CM PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Portable Retro Camping Lamp
-50% sale
Pizza Pack - Collapsible Container For Pizza Pizza Pack - Collapsible Container For Pizza
Pizza Pack - Collapsible Container For Pizza 470.00TL 940.00TL
The Pizza Pack - Storage for a single slice or an entire pizza! The struggle of trying to stuff a pizza box in your fridge is a thing of the past, the Pizza Pack perfectly stores slices of pizza in a compact, air-tight container that collapses and expands to maximize your fridge space.   Space Saver - Each pizza container collapses and expands to accommodate the number of pizza slices you have. Perfect for storing leftover pizza without a pizza box taking up the whole shelf! Pizza Saver - If you don’t think pizza tastes better the next day, then you haven't been storing it properly. Our snap-on airtight lids create a vacuum seal that will keep your pizza slices fresher longer! Each pizza pack container features an optional air vent to reduce condensation and prevent you from experiencing the dreaded Soggy Slice Syndrome. Perfect Pizza Plates - Each pizza slice box comes with 5 microwavable divider trays that not only keep your slices from sticking together while being stored, but double as pizza plates when you want to reheat a single slice. One Size Fits All – Well…almost. The pizza pack fits slices from any pizzas up to 10in. If New York slices are your thing, you can always trim down a side for that perfect fit! Safe and Durable - Our reusable pizza boxes are made with non-toxic, BPA free, food-grade silicone that is odorless, leak-proof, and non-stick. They are also microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Specifications: Pizza slice box- 1 Microwavable divider trays*5 Size: 10X7.5X1.5inch
-50% sale
Automatic Cat Water Fountain Automatic Cat Water Fountain
Automatic Cat Water Fountain 940.00TL 1,879.00TL
Prevent cats from worrying about drinking unclean water.  The sound of moving water will attack cats’ interest. It effectively addresses cats who don’t like drinking water. Never worry about a cat running out of water during a power outage or short trip. A retractable hidden anti-tipping bracket effectively prevents cats from knocking over the fountain.  Easy to Use – An automatic water dispenser designed for better quality of life for your pets. Set it up in a minute. Clean and maintain it without any cleaning kits. Raised water tray ensures good posture, so your pet doesn't have to bend down to drink. Automated Pump – Cats prefer running water that is cool and fresh. The thermal motion sensor triggers automatic water refill by the pump every 15 minutes to avoid excessive refilling. Quiet Operation – The dispenser operates up to 30 dB. No more annoying sounds that might disturb you and your pets. Long Battery Life – Say goodbye to power cables that your pet might chew on or trip over, and avoid having to place it near a power plug. 5000mAh can use for 120 days. Set and forget. Large Water Tank with Filtration System – The 2 L water tank keeps your pet well hydrated throughout the day. The filtration system keeps the water clean and you can use any cotton pads instead of having to buy proprietary filtration pads. Great for the environment and your wallet. Material: food grade ABS+ Packaging accessories: Wireless Water Dispenser x1; Filter Sponge x3; USB Charging Cable x1.
-50% sale
Smart Firework LED Lights Smart Firework LED Lights
Smart Firework LED Lights 752.00TL 1,484.00TL
Built-in smart beat sensor let the lights react to music, patterns change according to the beat of the music, different sounds, and even your voice. Full Color Wheel Synchronized With Music & Sound Controlled by App & Remote Easy to Install Motionless & Party Modes Smart controller - Millions of colors, hundreds of static/dynamic modes, sync to your music, adjust brightness, and timer by App. Easy Installation - No tools needed. Clean the surface first and tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the strips, stick it to the wall or other items conveniently as you like. Remote controlled & in-app equipped! (both for IOS & Android) - You can change the color of your lights with just a few taps on your smartphone. Whether you're looking to create a festive atmosphere for a party or want to add some extra ambiance to your living room. Scan the QR code to download the App. Cuttable - Each LED can be cut off without damaging the strip. (If not necessary, please do not cut the strip, because we have set up everything for you). Package Includes: Power supply: USB power supply (5V) Remote control: 24 keys (2.4G wireless remote control with power CR2025) Number of lamp beads: 156 lights (0.5m*10 1.5m*1) Light strip specifications: 0.5 meters / 12 lights Lamp bead model: 5050 (Symphony RGB) Number of intermediate controller interfaces: 11 interfaces APP name: Duocolx (Google Play download) Application scenarios: living room, bedroom, studio, etc. (create atmosphere) Packing size: 140*115*45 mm Weight: 195g
-50% sale
Magnetic Capsule PowerBank Magnetic Capsule PowerBank
Magnetic Capsule PowerBank 752.00TL 1,503.00TL
FEATURES: Cool Design: Smooth face and better texture makes it elegant and unique. Upgraded Capacity: 3000mAh is big enough to fully charge your phone 1 time. Upgraded built-in Lightning Cable: Supports thicker cases than the last version, no longer need to remove the case first to charge your iPhone. Charging: The powerbank charged by magnetic cable and mobile phone can also charged directly. The powerbank and mobile phone can be charged by magnetic cable directly. LED Lights: LED indicator light 1-4 shows the charging capacity of power bank. Ultra-Compact: The size of lipstick, does not need a cord and it’s easy to slip in your pocket or your purse and when you need it you have a charger right then and there. SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 75x28x23mm Capacity: 3000mAh Colors: Black/White Input: 5V/1.2A(MAX) Material: ABS+PC Output: 5V/1.2A(max) Working Temperature: 0-45℃ Battery: 20650 lithium battery Charging time: About 2.5 hours Product output/input interface: Android, TYPE-C, lightning Product function: suitable for most devices on the market, mobile phones, tablet computers Package Includes: 1 power bank + 3 magnetic suction heads + manual
-50% sale
Electric Foot Callus Remover Electric Foot Callus Remover
Electric Foot Callus Remover 564.00TL 1,127.00TL
Give your feet a salon-quality pedicure in the comfort of your own home! The unique design makes it easy to reach every part of your foot to remove tough calluses, cracked dry skin and rough areas. Ergonomic Wand Design: Easy to use on both feet, front to back - heels, toes, sides and balls of feet. Cordless & Rechargeable & Water Resistant: USB charging is portable, and it is made of waterproof material, which can easily clear the body. 2 speeds: This product has 2 speeds to allow for easy or more powerful maintenance. LED Light: Light makes it easy to see in dim lighting Package includes 2 roller heads : one fine roller for polishing and everyday maintenance and one coarse roller for smoothing stubborn calluses and dead skin. Products include 1 * Hair removal machine 1 * USB charging cable 1 * Fine roller head 1 * Coarse roller head 1 * Protective sleeve
-50% sale
4 In 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set 4 In 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set
4 In 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set 752.00TL 1,503.00TL
Automatically cut vegetables, immediately cut and ready to use. With it, you can have an electric vegetable cutter and an electric meat mincer and an electric cleaning brush at the same time, a multi-functional set. It is more convenient to cut and slice dishes, fresh ingredients, easy to clean, use it once and fall in love with it! About this item: Filling Hole: It is also convenient to add one, avoiding the tedious steps of opening and screwing the cap, and the long ingredients such as pepper, cowpea, yam, etc. can be directly inserted; Directly Put Into the Pot: shot-cut slicing, no need for a container to cook in seconds, the garlic slices and chili rings are even and beautiful; Comfortable Grip: Breaking the dangling click mode of the traditional electric garlic paste, the ergonomic design does not tire your hands; One-key Cleaning: The whole machine is rinsed, the feeding hole is added with detergent to start with one key, and it can be washed with running water by stirring for 5 seconds. Specifications: Material: ABS+PP+PC+ stainless steel Size: About 20.5*9.5*8.0(CM) Motor Power: About 40W
-50% sale
Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box
Mini Digital Gadget Storage Box 470.00TL 940.00TL
You don't have to carry a bunch of cables when going out anymore. It comes with a card tray eject pin, which can be used directly when you need to change your SIM card. You don't have to look around for this little thing anymore. Features: [Multifunctional] Interchangeable charging and transmission cable. It has four different ports: Android, lightning, USB, and a TYPE C cable that you can convert it into the type of port you need for data transmission, charging, etc. [A Convenient Storage Box] It is a convenient storage box for various types of interfaces, SIM cards, data cable. It also comes with an eject pin and 3 card slots, which you can store after you pick up the card to prevent SIM card loss. (The cards are NOT included.) [Portable Phone Stand] Built-in phone stand which is fold-able and convenient for you to watch videos, video call, free your hands! [60W High Power Charging] This Type C to Type C cable supports 60W high power and can be used with a quick charging adapter for quickly charging of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other devices. The internal copper wires are larger and thicker than normal cables to help increase the charging speed and transfer data. [Widely Used] Suitable for car, home, work, coffee shop, outdoor and other scenarios. [Mini and Portable] With a compact size, which is easy to carry in your pocket, purse, bags, backpacks, etc. Take it and start a worry-free trip! Specification: Material: PVC + ABS Color: White, Black, Blue Transmission Speed: 480Mbps Output Current: TYPE C to TYPE C: 3A Android to TYPE C: 3A TYPE C to IOS/ Micro: 2A Android to IOS/ Micro: 2A Size: 6 x 6 x 1 cm Weight: 60 g
-50% sale
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop
360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop 564.00TL 1,127.00TL
Help you easily clean every corner of the house! One-Sweep cleaning of.. ✨ Description: The mop head rotates 180 degrees, and any corner can be easily cleaned,including dead ends and deep gaps. Free splicing, 3 steel pipes can reach 135cm, and high places can also be cleaned, cleaned, scraped, etc., which saves effort. No need to climb stairs or bend down to clean. Save time and energy. Feature: The high-quality chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super absorption and suction power. The fiber cloth head also has super absorption capacity and suction power. It has tension adjustment buckles on both sides, easy to install: just pull it to install or replace. It is spliced, the length of the two-section rod is 1.1m, the length of the three-section rod is 1.35m.It is suitable for the elderly and children. There is a hanging hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging and drainage, and easy storage. Chenille cloth (transparent, no dust). Chenille cloth heads have strong water absorption, easy to clean in removing dirt, easy to clean, and reusable. The easy-to-use 180-degree rotating triangle mop can be used to clean bathtubs, toilet surfaces and backrests, mirrors, glass, ceilings, etc. SPECIFICATIONS Material: Stainless Steel + Coral Fleece Size: Mop head is about 28cm/11.02inch, rod diameter is about 26mm/1.02inch Before Telescoping: about 70cm/27.56inch, after telescoping: about 115cm/45.28inch Packing List: 1x 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop
-50% sale
Magnetic Digital Smart Timer Magnetic Digital Smart Timer
Magnetic Digital Smart Timer 752.00TL 1,503.00TL
The secret trick that productivity hackers use Magnetic Adsorption Smart Digital Timer-Focus is the highest value skill in a world that profits from your attention. The secret trick that productivity hackers use for getting the most out of a day is to use a physical timer. A small device that has been proven to significantly improve your performance. Get rid of procrastination once and for all Build a work routine you can be proud of and get rid of procrastination once and for all. This sleek and intuitive timer by Konah Home is the perfect choice for those who care about beautiful design as well as productivity. ✓ Sleek design adds flair to your desk space ✓Support up and down counting (Starting from 0 is up counting) ✓ Easy to use with seamless rotation and time adjustment ✓ Choose your mode with countdown or stopwatch ✓ Excellent battery life ✓ Magnetic, great for attaching to whiteboards ✓ Avoid annoying the neighbors with a volume adjustable alarm and silent countdown mode ✓ Save battery with LCD digital display that dims in timer mode Work, fitness, cooking, entertainment, study, reading, lunch break, set time to make you more efficient! Specification: Material: Hardware+Plastic. Size(LxWxH): Approx. 7.8x2.6cm/3.07x1.02 inch. Battery: 3x AAA batteries (Not included). Working temperature: 0-50℃. Endurance time: 3 months. Time range: 0 to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Volume: Silent(0dB), low: 60-70dB, high: 80-90dB.
-50% sale
Bedside Storage Bag with Pockets Hanging Organizer Bedside Storage Bag with Pockets Hanging Organizer
Bedside Storage Bag with Pockets Hanging Organizer 470.00TL 940.00TL
The high-quality chemical fiber felt storage bag is ideal for convenient bedside storage. Store your phone, laptops, e-readers, tablets, books and remotes all at an arm's length away for quick access. Secure your cords for convenient charging at night. Organizes items you frequently use to be readily accessible at your leisure. Never again will you have to get out of bed to reach a tissue, television remote, books, magazines, flashlights, medications, accessories and more. When not in use, the caddy collapses for storage. This organizer is perfect for rooms where storage is limited. FEATURES: ✅ Soft Material: The bedside caddy storage is made of super soft high quality chemical fiber felt fabric provides protection and modern look. ✅ Large Pocket: Tons of space in the large pocket easily fits any standard 12" laptop and large tablets. ✅ Accessible Holder: Smaller pockets fit cell phones, e-readers, remotes, books and other articles for convenient storage. ✅ Great Application: This is ideal for people with limited space in the bedroom or for people that would rather having their necessary items right at their fingertips. This ingenious solution is the perfect bedside caddy. ✅ East To Set Up: Finish setting up within 1 minute. Just put the cover under your mattress and you can put all bed things and essentials into it. SPECIFICATIONS: Color: Light Gray / Gray / Dark Gray / Beige / Brown Dimension: 320x200x100mm Material: Polyester Quantity: 1pcs Weight: 110g
-50% sale
Autofill Ink Pen Autofill Ink Pen
Autofill Ink Pen 564.00TL 1,127.00TL
Auto-fill ink pen, no need to worry about ink spilling all over the place! It is very convenient to use! Made of premium plastic material, this fountain pen is eco-friendly and durable. Featuring smooth writing and comfortable touching, it is great stationery for students, teachers, and writers. The pen is able to automatically pick up the ink, and you just need to put the ink on it with a single plug so that it will not stain your hands. The automatic fountain pen can be used for N times indefinitely, thus reducing the troubles when inking the ordinary fountain pen. FEATURES 1. Automatically picks up the ink, you can put the ink in it with a single plug, it will not stain your hands and is more convenient than the previous way. 2. The shell is made of ABS material, comfortable and durable. 3. The nib is made of sheet metal, and the writing is smooth comfortable. 4. Classic pen holder that can be carried on your clothes or clipped on a book. 5. 0.38mm/0.5mm nib, writing more smoothly, make your words more beautiful. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic Nib Size: 0.5MM(M), 0.38MM(S) Pen Size: 1.1cm x 1.1cm x 14.4cm/0.43" x 0.43" x 5.67" (Approx.) Ink Absorber Size: 7cm x 7cm x 12.8cm/2.76" x 2.76" x 5.04" (Approx.) PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Fountain Pen 1 x Ink Absorber (Containing 50ml Ink) NOTES: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
-50% sale
7 Compartments Portable Pill Case Travel Pill Box 7 Compartments Portable Pill Case Travel Pill Box
7 Compartments Portable Pill Case Travel Pill Box 376.00TL 752.00TL
The magnetic design is convenient to open and close. The push button stays closed once locked and securely snaps shut keeping pills safe. HIGHLIGHTS Multipurpose: Quite easy to distinguish the pills in each dose without opening the lids.Folding Design: Smaller size, larger capacity.Ideal For Travel: Perfectly suitable for travel and is ideal for storing small jewelry or items such as earrings, beads, nail art tips, a few trinkets, etc.Quality Material: Sturdy and durable Material - The box is made of eco-friendly BPA-free clear PP material. FEATURES 1. Magnetic button design, Easy to open and close2. Keep material supply orderly, separated and easily identified.3. Tablets, capsules, vitamins, beads, jewelry and other super are convenient to take.4. Separate containers with lids keep the items separate and safe.5. Put all the cans together or apart according to your needs.6. Small portable belt, 7 grids split. SPECIFICATIONS  Color: Beige, Pink, GreenMaterial: Food Grade PPSize: About 10 * 7 * 2.5cm /3.93 * 2.75 * 0.98"Package Included:1 x Pill BoxNotes: 1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools. 2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.  

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