Five Toes Forefoot Pads (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

391.00TL 782.00TL -50% OFF


Five Toes Forefoot Pads (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

391.00TL 782.00TL -50% OFF
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Product description

The Five Toes Forefoot Pads will cushion the balls of your feet.

These pads are made from a honeycomb fabric that does not make your feet sweat. Each pad has 5 gaps for each of your toes to go through, it will sit comfortably.


Painkillers: Plantar pads are excellent protectors for your metatarsal (foot bone). They reduce the friction between the front of the foot and the sole to relieve you of pain. 

Comfortable: The foot pads are made of quality materials. Its sponge and sock are soft, comfortable and light so you can use them every day.

Useful: The pad has been thought and designed as a pair of toe socks. These socks will adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot, they will not end up at the bottom of your shoe as it is often the case with low socks. Your feet will be comfortable without any discomfort.

Anti-slip: These socks will allow you to be stable throughout the day thanks to the sponge that will suck the perspiration from your foot, preventing you from slipping in the shoe.

The forefoot pad can be perfectly hidden in your shoes. Its small size and its colors allow you to adapt it to any pair. It is suitable for high heels as well as open heels. Don't be afraid to wear heels anymore !

These forefoot socks are machine washable. They promote the reuse of the product as opposed to single use. They are therefore environmentally friendly.

Avoid sweating

They absorb sweat quickly thanks to their textile surface, unlike silicone pads that trigger and maintain it.


Daily use of these pads drastically reduces the consumption of bandages, which end up in our oceans. Opt for a reusable comfort solution, while acting for the planet.


This product also separates your toes to make them breathable. It effectively prevents bacteria like fungus from growing between your toes. Keep your toes healthy.


This product is suitable for both men and women.
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Color: Black/ Beige
Size: About 9*8.5 cm, One size fit all women foot

Package includes:
3 or 5 Pairs of Forefoot Pad

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