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Tongue Cleaning Gel Set

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Tongue Cleaning Gel Set

385.00TL 769.00TL -50% OFF

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Product description

Do you still have bad breath after brushing your teeth every day?

Most bad breath comes from a dirty tongue.

The dirt accumulated on the tongue coating is one of the main causes of bad breath!

Our product Tongue cleaning gel set will help you effectively clean this dirt and block the source of bad breath. The brush tongue scraper is made of high-quality environmental material, durable, safe, healthy, has no smell, and is fragrance-free.

Tongue cleaner’s bristle handle design, combined with an exclusive formula, comfortably and effectively cleans health-threatening odor germ from the tongue.

The tongue cleaner kit easily removes sticky substances and food residues from the tongue coating. It is very suitable for people who smoke, drink and stay up late.

Our new tongue scraper not only cleans your mouth but also effectively keeps your mouth fresh without irritation. Together, they ensure a fresh and clean mouth.



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