Abdominal Trainer Sit-Up Bar

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Abdominal Trainer Sit-Up Bar

$29.99 USD $59.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

Revolutionize Your Ab Workouts with Our Sit-Up Bar Assistant Device!

No more relying on others or struggling to find the right form. With our Sit-Up Bar, you can enjoy the most effective ab workout right from the comfort of your home.

Designed to provide optimal support and stability, this bar takes your core workouts to the next level.

Achieve Perfect Form: Our sit-up bar ensures proper alignment and technique, maximizing the effectiveness of each rep for faster results.

Designed for Results: Our sit-up bar targets the right muscles, ensuring you get the most out of every rep. Experience faster results and increased ab definition with each workout session.

Comfortable and Safe: Featuring padded supports and a sturdy construction, this device reduces strain on your back and neck, allowing you to focus solely on your abdominal muscles.

Adjustable Height: Customize your workout experience with four adjustable height settings. Whether you have big or small feet, our flexible spring buckle ensures a secure and comfortable fit every time.

Built to Last: Made with high-density soft foam, our sit-up bar is durable and long-lasting. Enjoy countless workouts without worrying about discomfort or wear and tear.

Versatile Workout Partner: From sit-ups to push-ups, our sit-up bar offers a wide range of exercise options. Strengthen your core, tone your muscles, and improve flexibility with just one piece of equipment.

Easy Installation: No need for complicated setup. Our sit-up bar is easy to install and disassemble, making it perfect for busy individuals who want to squeeze in a quick workout anytime, anywhere.

Stable and Secure: With strong suction cups, our portable sit-up bar stays firmly in place, providing a safe and stable platform for your workouts. Say goodbye to wobbly equipment and hello to confident, effective workouts.

Compact and Portable: Take your ab workouts anywhere with ease! This lightweight and portable device can be used at home, in the gym, or even while traveling, so you never have to miss a workout again.

Upgrade your ab workouts with the Sit-Up Bar and experience the difference for yourself. Get ready to sculpt your dream abs and achieve your fitness goals with ease!


1. Find a clean and flat ground and(avoid the gap between the ground) wipe the floor clean with a towel

2. Please keep the floor clean when using, and clean the suction cup.

3. Please press the foam padding with one hand and then push the wrench down. Lastly, make sure it is firmly attached.

Note: Make sure there is no space at the bottom! Otherwise, the suckers will not stick to the floor.


Bold steel spring, strong and durable, thick foam, soft and comfortable, give you comfortable experience, easy to slim down.

Compact design, shaped curve, easy to carry, easy to use, let you at any time slimming shape.

Great for toning thigh muscles while sitting at your desk at work, or even watching TV on the couch.

Easy to use. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility. It's perfect for home-based strength training.

Material: Foam
Size: 27*12*21cm
Weight: 0.8kg

Single bar

Double Bar

Package Content:
1x Abdominal Trainer Sit-Up Bar

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