Electric Smart Cupping Massager (12-Level Intensity)

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Electric Smart Cupping Massager (12-Level Intensity)

$39.99 USD $79.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

Electric Smart Cupping Massager brings professional-level cupping therapy to the comfort of your home.

We’ve combined digital suction technology, heat, red light therapy, and vibration into one easy-to-use device for the most optimal localized pain relief and recovery experience.


  • Relieve Painful Knots & Aches
  • Increase Blood Flow & Joint Mobility
  • Improve Muscle Recovery

What our customers say...

"I’m shocked at the results, really! I had low expectations, however this product has exceeded. I can’t attest to the massage and pain relief performance."

- Alex B.

"This is the first cupping I bought for my dad, he loves it so much, bought a second one. Highly recommend. You won’t regret it!”

- Mary L.

“Totally worth it! Works great! Helping to loosen up tight areas from leaning over my desk all day. 5 stars, easily."

- Brandon Z.


Cupping's ancient healing methods have consistently demonstrated the powerful benefits of reducing inflammation while dramatically improving recovery, cell-mediated immunity, relieving pain and lumps, and increasing blood flow.

Combining this technology with state-of-the-art systems such as adjustable dynamic "breathing", EMS, red light transmission and therapeutic heating, it is the most powerful and convenient all-in-one treatment device for home and office use.


The Latest Upgraded Design:

In addition to the normal cupping mode, this product has added a dynamic mode to relieve pain and promote blood circulation and detoxification. This gives you the ultimate cupping experience. The unique one-push pressure release mechanism instantly relieves pressure on the cup and eliminates pain when removing the cup.

12 Levels of Adjustable Temperature and Suction Control:

With advanced PI conduction heating technology, this product can be quickly heated to the desired temperature (100.4℉-122℉ or 38°C- 50°C). Heating elements can effectively break down excess lactic acid in the muscle and relieve muscle aches. Adjustable suction control from 1 to 12 levels allows you to choose the right suction force for your needs.

3-in-1 Self-Service Function:

This product is a combination of cupping, scraping, and red light. The control panel is clean and easy to read, so it's easy to get started. There are no complicated tubes or multiple cups. You can easily do everything yourself without any outside help.

Smart and Safe:

The built-in advanced temperature control chip guarantees a constant temperature. After intelligent operation detection, 20 minutes of continuous work, the AI ​​protection system will be triggered and automatically shut down to protect you.

Say Goodbye To Muscle Knots
Relieve Painful Knots and Aches

  • Release Built-Up Toxins
  • Increase Blood flow
  • Improve Mobility
  • Stylish design & easy to use

Backed By Clinical Studies
Over the last 10 years, dozens of clinical studies have concluded that cupping leads to a decrease in muscle activity, resulting in pain reduction, reduced inflammation, and accelerated rate of recovery with safe and consistent use.

Reported significant pain relief after 5-20 minutes.

Reported noticably quicker recovery post-workout session

Reported enhanced joint mobility and flexibility

Reported Results From Users*

How It Works:

The Electric Smart Cupping Massager is the cupping device approved for home use to combine 4 clinically-proven technologies to helps relieve muscular tension in the body and encourage blood circulation, which effectively aids in muscle healing and pain alleviation, stimulates the chemical breakdown of any toxins inside the body, and decrease the inflammation level allowing deeper range of motion.

Relieve. Recover. Restore.

DYNAMIC SUCTION: Release toxins and breakup fat cells

Featuring rhythmic alternation of suction and release as Electric Smart Cupping Massager "breathes" in calculated motions. The result is a fantastic boost in blood circulation to the concentrated area, speeding up the recovery process while massaging out muscle knots and acute pain.

RED LIGHT THERAPY: Encourage cellular growth & immunity

Penetrating red light therapy during your sessions to support healthy cellular immunity and growth with continued use while providing faster healing in the short term.

THERAPEUTIC HEAT: Increase blood flow for muscle recovery

Adjustable levels of heat allow for the local region of muscles to relax so the benefits of cupping are maximized. Easily adjust your preferred level of heat up to 122°F for a soothing session.

VIBRATION MASSAGE: Relieve tension and release muscle knots

Choose your level of intensity when it comes to suction power, heating, and red light therapy with 6 levels of intensity (base model) and up to 12 with our high intensity variant for those with greater tolerance.

Electric Smart Cupping Therapy Vs. Traditional Cupping

This proven at-home cupping treatment offers amazing benefits and features:

  • State-of-the-art technologies that eliminate pain.
  • Fast and efficient treatments that are typically 15 minutes or less.
  • Save money by replacing clinical treatments with Electric Smart Cupping Massager for similar or better results.
  • Convenient treatments enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.


Product Name: Smart Breathing Massager
Mode of operation:Physical massage
Suction strength: a total of 12 gears
Hot compress intensity: A total of 12 levels
Input voltage: 3.7v
Rated power: 5w
Power supply mode: USB
Control method: Computer
Model: Pressure relief type Gu Sha instrument
Temperature adjustment: Yes
Temperature control range: 45-60
Gear position: Continuously variable
Colour: Red, Black
Material: Abs
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Size information: 94*94*78mm

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