Emergency Wound Closure Device

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Emergency Wound Closure Device

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Product description

Leading Doctors Are Recommending These For Every Emergency Kit Worldwide

✅ Closes Wounds Without Stitches
✅ Stops Bleeding In Emergencies
✅ Reduces The Risk Of Infections
✅ Instantly Relieves Wound Pain

A Must Have For Every Emergency Kit

77% of people experience at least one threatening wound in their lifetime

13% don't end up getting stitches in time to prevent dangerous infections

*Harvard Medical Research*

Thus, this wound closure device is the future of safe, secure and effective wound care.


Close Wounds Without Stitches
No need to fear painful stitches, and no need to waste time waiting in hospital lines. This wound closure device is the alternative.

Reduces The Risk Of Infections
Closing wounds immediately with the help of the wound closure device drastically reduces the risk of bacteria causing infections.

Stops Bleeding In Emergencies
Excessive bleeding from wounds can cause dizziness, nausea and cause one to pass out. This wound closure device stops bleeding.

Instantly Relieves Wound Pain
Harvard studies reveal quickly closing wounds reduces pain, while exposed wounds increase pain over time.

Just Imagine Not Being Prepared With The Wound Closure Device

Seriously, imagine you or a loved one suffered from a serious deep wound when you weren't prepared for the worst...

You had to rush to the hospital, wait in the emergency room for hours, and suffer the pain of sharp needles or staples piercing through your skin to close the wound...

A VERY unpleasant experience to say the least. So why not prepare ahead of time?

With our wound closure device you can skip ALL of the above by sealing your wound shut in just seconds without any additional pain.

Verified Customer Reviews:

"I Didn't Have Insurance... Luckily the Wound Closure Device Worked"
"I was washing dishes while a chef's knife sliced my finger. I didn't have insurance so I couldn't get sticthes, but luckily this medical device worked. It's a MUST have for everyone..."

James Darwin ★★★★★

"This Wound Closure Device Saved Us From An Expensive Hospital Bill"
"This is a must have for every parent. My son busted his knee on a rock while skateboarding and it saved us from an expensive hospital bill. He's healed!"
Hannah Smyth ★★★★★

"Our Phones Had No Service But The Wound Closure Device Saved Him"
"I was camping with my buddies and one of my pals sliced his leg VERY deep while trying to climb a big rock. Our phones had no service but the wound closure device saved him since we couldn't call for help"

Jacob Condon ★★★★★

Clinical Proof Of Effectiveness

2022 Randomized Control Trial Concludes Zip Technology Healed Wounds Faster Than Traditional Methods Such As Sutures...

Zip technology used in this clinical study is the same exact technology this wound closure device uses.

-Journal Of The AAOS

Credited To The Works Of: Burke, John F. MD; MacLean, Ian S. MD; Smith, J. Michael MD; Hart, Joseph M. PhD; Miller, Mark D. MD

How To Use The Wound Closure Device

Step 1: Peel off the release paper and center it perfectly over the wound.

Step 2: Remove the upper paper.

Step 3: Pull the strips to tighten the device and fully close the wound.

Step 4: Rotate to break the straps.

Now your wound is safely sealed!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can this product stay on the wound? Should I wear it until the wound is healed, or do I need to change it?

This emergency wound closure device can stay on the wound until the wound is healed, just like the bandage, you can remove it after the wound is healed. It will also stay on while showering and in the event it slips off you can simply replace it and continue wearing until fully healed.

What kind of wounds is this device suitable for?

This device is designed to repair cuts and lacerations to the skin.

Is this wound closure device easy to use at home?

Yes, it's very easy to use at home. Just follow the instructions carefully and you should be able to use it effectively.

Do I need to shave the hair around an open wound?

If the wounds are on the head or hairy arms or legs, you need to shave the hairs around the wound prior to applying the zip stitch, that would achieve the optimal adhesion and prevent potential hairs from being trapped within the wound.

Is this an option over stitches if I don't want to get them?

Yes. If the wound closure device fits over the wound, you can wear it until it heals instead of going to the hospital for stitches.

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