Wireless Fruit Vegetable Purifier

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Wireless Fruit Vegetable Purifier

$49.99 $99.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

This product is not sold in stores and available exclusively at Shopzu.com.

Remove toxins from fruit, veggies, meat, and more with this super effective and easy-to-use device.


1. Surface of vegetables and fruits, with a removal rate of 90%.

2. Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable battery, USB wireless charging design, can be used 20+ times when fully charged.

3. Waterproof, no water leakage, safer to use.

4. Compact design, easy to carry when going out for a picnic.


USB Power and Energy: Built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery USB wireless charging design can be used 20+ times when fully charged. It can be used on any bucket, basin, sink, etc. Quiet, water and electricity-saving, waterproof, no water leakage, and safer to use.

Health and Safety: OH- purification technology, using water as raw material, quickly degrades pesticides into harmless substances, and kills virus microorganisms through oxidation reaction.

Wide Use: Vegetable and fruit washing machine is widely used for cleaning tableware, fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils, bottles, rice, fish, meat, seafood, food, and purifying tap water, glasses, and jewelry.

This product is not sold in stores and available exclusively at Shopzu.com.

Portable and Small: Suitable for personal, personal items for family dormitory travel, it can be tucked in the right side of the suitcase when traveling on business, camping in the RV, or outdoor travel, it can be included in any canvas bag.

Food Preservation: Palm size, easy to store. Perfect for personal essentials or family dorm trips. The fruit and vegetable cleaning purifier is wireless, seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables processed with the fruit and vegetable purifier can prolong the storage time, and water can be used and frozen for a better preservation effect.

Easy to Use: The stylish design of the multifunctional vegetable purifier attracts the eye. Flexible rotation for easy disassembly and cleaning. It keeps food fresh and more. Just press the switch and the operation is simple.

Safety Protection: IPX7 waterproof, no leakage, safer to use. 5V DC, no direct contact with strong electricity, safe and stable, long service life.


1. Please charge it before use. While charging, the green light flashes. After charging, the green light is always on.

2. Put the fruits and vegetables to be washed into the sink, and add water with a temperature not exceeding 40°C. It is recommended not to use 3L of water per word.

3. Please put the fruit and vegetable washing machine at the bottom of the sink and keep it flat.

4. During the working period of the fruit and vegetable machine, occasionally stir the fruit and vegetables, and the cleaning effect will be better.

5. During the operation of the fruit and vegetable machine, the electrolyzed water smells of, please rest assured, it is a normal phenomenon.

6. After the fruit and vegetable machine is finished, there will be 3 beeps and all the indicator lights will go out. At this time, let the fruits and vegetables in the washbasin stand for 5-10 minutes to

Note: When charging, please use an adapter with these specifications (5V .5A, 1A, 1.5A) and a USB cable to charge.

Packaging Includes:

1x Wireless Fruit Vegetable Purifier
1x USB Cable
1x English Manual

This product is not sold in stores and available exclusively at Shopzu.com.

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