Custom LED Matrix Pixel Panel

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16x32 LEDs 7x17 CM 16x64 LEDs 9x37 CM 16x64 LEDs 12x48 CM 16x96 LEDs 12x68 CM

Custom LED Matrix Pixel Panel

$39.99 USD $79.99 -51% OFF

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Product description

"I get a lot of compliments and everyone asks me where did you get that sign? I have it in my window but also bought a smaller one for the back of my SUV and I get alot of beeps. You can put whatever you want on the sign and it will light up for you what you want it to say. It was very handy when I needed help for a flat tire. Or to tell someone you we can't see you, turn your lights on. LOL!" --Verified Buyer

The Custom LED Matrix Pixel Panel is a versatile and dynamic programmable LED sign panel designed to captivate attention and convey messages, graphics, and animations in a vivid and eye-catching manner. Comprised of numerous individual LED pixels arranged in a grid formation, this panel offers endless possibilities for customization and creativity.


Suitable for Multiple Scenarios
The LED matrix is widely used in shops, hotels, bars, restaurants, indoor advertising signs, cars, concerts, Christmas or wedding decorations, etc.

USB 5V LED Car Sign
The design of the USB plug is convenient for us to use. Do not use adapters with output voltage exceeding 5V to power equipment.

Flexible and Portable
The LED matrix panel is light and thin,uses RGB lamp beads,Flexible board design,can be bent and folded at will.

Smart APP Control
LED sign is controlled by a Bluetooth-connected app, which supports connecting multiple LED displays at the same time, making your store more eye-catching, the app has built-in many interesting modes and animations. Your phone makes it easier to customize fun patterns and text to personalize your store.

Custom Function
The LED signs can customize text, patterns and animations. You can edit according to your own needs and ideas, you can also change the display content according to the usage scene, and you can also edit exclusive patterns and animations according to the characteristics of your own store.

Smart APP Control
Connect the LED matrix through the APP, you can DIY design text, patterns, animations according to your own needs and scenes, and you can also adjust the brightness and speed to perfectly meet your needs.

Bright and colorful lights
The LED matrix uses 2121 full-color RGB lamp beads. This high-quality LED matrix can not only emit high-intensity light but also has low power consumption, and the full-color effect will be brighter and more attractive.

Product information:
Sizes: : 16x32 LEDs 7x17 CM / 16x64 LEDs 9x37 CM / 16x64 LEDs 12x48 CM / 16x96 LEDs 12x68 CM
Brightness: Highlight 
Rated Voltage: 5

Package Includes:
Custom LED Matrix Pixel Panel

Note: 16x32 LEDS do not have a car charger and no power switch.

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